Where do I start?

“The start is what stops most people.”
Don Shula

Writing my first post was harder than I thought – it took me 4 weeks to be exact. Almost as long as it took me to write my first online dating profile.

What do you say, how do you say it? Is it too much? Is it too little?

I want to share my life experiences and random musings but where do I start? At 24 years old I’m at that point where I feel like I’ve achieved so much yet I know I still have so far to go.

Yes I’m 24 years young – I told you you would learn more about me as you read my posts.

I’m currently in my first professional job since finishing my degree. The last year of university was hard. Very hard. But I can definitely say with confidence that God showed how much he loves me. With support from my friends and family and constant prayer I made it through. It’s in those moments you know who is truly there for you.

Now I’m focusing on building experience, growing my skills and preparing for the life I want to live. Husband, kids, picket fence and a cat or a dog – my boyfriend and I are still debating about that. I feel I need to start preparing for these things but I’m not entirely sure how.

That’s where The Lyd Blog comes in. That’s where you come in. Though I created this blog, The Lyd Blog is not just for me. Your stories and wisdom are just as meaningful and useful.

So join me as I share my world through my eyes. And i hope you will share yours.

To find out more about The Lyd Blog visit the About page.

Comment, like and share.

Love always,
Lyds x


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