What’s the Goal Here?

“Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines.”
Brian Tracy

It’s Friday morning. Those late nights spent in the office this week have payed off. My workload is light and I have no meetings till later this afternoon. So why not write a post.

At the start of 2016 I set goals for myself. Get a degree related job, a car, a serious relationship, learn to cook and start a blog; just to name a few. But I kept them in my head.

So I thought, why not write them down instead?

Not because I think my goals are unique but simply because its good to write your goals down. And its even better to share it with people who can hold you accountable.

Big or small, a goal is a reflection of your desire in life.

Pursuing goals of any size can be disheartening and lonely. Knowing someone else has been there can do wonders. In comes The Lyd Blog.

I’m 24 years old, preparing to make life changing decisions. I’m too young to know it all yet too old not to know anything. From climbing the career ladder and maintaining a serious relationship to getting a mortgage and starting a family. The list goes on.

These are goals I want to achieve before I’m 30 but is there time?

Is it more important to achieve your goals in a specific time or to a specific quality?

Can you do both?

Its easy to say what you learned after making a decision but what about what you experience during those decisions? Those are often not documented. And that’s what I want to do. Set my goals and document the decisions that I make to reach them.

What are some of your goals in your twenties?

Comment, share and like.

Love always,
Lyds x


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