How’s it Going?

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time

Thomas Merton

Fifth post and I still don’t know quite what I’m doing on the blogosphere. I want to use this space to find myself but its the how bit that I’m struggling with. What part of my life do I share and what bits do I keep to myself?

In 24 hours – 8 being spent sleeping, so much happens. From work to family and everything in between, when do you find the time to write it all down?

What about when your mind wanders in the middle of a meeting at work? It goes somewhere so fascinating or worrying you forget where you are. How do you share that? Do you share that? How do you blog about life as it happens? Maybe I’m going about this all wrong. Or maybe I’m not.

Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing”
Warren Buffett

I promised myself I’d be consistent. Write at least 3 posts a week but so far I’ve failed. Working 9am to 6pm, sometimes till 8pm; really takes a lot of your time. By the time I get home, talk to my family and friends, it’s time for bed time. When did my life become such a routine?

Maybe I should take it day by day. Write what happens every 24 hours. Life might not seem so boring. I never said my life was interesting. It’s just my life and I want to share. For my sake more than anyone else.

So on October 6th 2016 i vow to make daily posts on whats happening. In my life, in my mind, in my world. Three hundred words at a time.

If you have any tips, suggestions, questions or comments please feel free to share.

Love always,
Lyds x


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